Super Mario Run Test And Reviews

Surprise the best kept of the keynote of last September, Super Mario Run is finally available on iOS.

Apple never had put so many ways for the output of an application on iOS. And for good reason, the most famous Hero of the video game that travel outside a console Nintendo, it is exceptional.

Super mario run for android

Even more than Apple, the Japanese firm has put the package so that his first game for smartphone (Miitomo is a little apart) to be a success. As with Super Mario Run, she plays his all.

Nintendo is a period hinge: Wii U that was a commercial failure (13 million units sold, far behind the competition and Wii) will pull his reverence, the Switch has not yet been launched, and the 3DS of almost six years of age (a little bit re-invigorated with New 3DS) must now contend with ubiquitous smartphones.

The arrival of Mario on iOS, Apple has everything to gain, Nintendo has everything to lose. For the first, it is the consecration of the essential character of its platform. For the second, it is certainly the chance to reach a wider audience, but is also the risk apart its flagship license and make her less attractive consoles. You see what Sonic is today? But what Mario are we talking about just on iOS? Super Mario Run is an ersatz or successful adaptation? Response in our test and use our Super Mario Run Hack and unlock all levels, lives and unlimited coins.

He runs, he runs, the plumber

If you didn’t know yet, in Super Mario Run, Mario runs alone. Except to bounce back against a wall, impossible to go back to type a brick under the nose, the mustachioed always goes forward.

A heresy? On the contrary, a good idea. Rather than attempt to integrate rarely practical virtual buttons or a variety of gestures to learn, Shigeru Miyamoto and his teams have made the bet to simplicity; we jump with a tap on the screen, it swirls in the air with the same gesture, and that’s all (MFi controllers don’t are not supported). And as the game is in portrait orientation, one hand is enough to play (a second will be useful if you play on iPad).

Super mario run for android game play

This gameplay is nothing new, it is agreed. The excellent Rayman Jungle Run and its aftermath, to name a few, have similar gameplay. But, when the first launch you see Bowser remove the Princess Peach and Mario begin to his rescue–Yes, the beginning of the history of the ‘Tour of the worlds’ mode is the same as usual, but we you mishaps not the end, the NDA can’t us-, the magic happens.

The magic of the Nintendo universe

Gamers who find everything including the big bad Bowser, but also mushrooms Mario to change size, magic stars or the coins to collect while Mario pushes his famous “Hello!” and the sound effects smell nostalgia. What to seduce the old. “The sound effects, the music, the graphics it is frankly a pleasure to find Mario on my smartphone admits Brice, 38 gamer, I find just a little bit short experience. A view shared by Fanny, 14, who is “nice to have Mario in [s] you phone, even if the game is frankly difficult at times. The magic and the incredible know-how of Nintendo are there to bring together audiences and players of all ages.

A second attempt successful but not perfect

Super Mario Run is however not as perfect and successful than other titles of the giant of Kyoto for consoles. It takes to play, be connected to the internet. So it is impossible to play in the subway, for example. Moreover, the game is rather expensive for a too short experience (if we disregard his aspect of scoring): it is sold almost two times more expensive than most of the paid games which themselves represent a minority of securities in the face of free games. Nevertheless, after the strange Miitomo, Nintendo finally made the demonstration of his talent on smartphone with this Super Mario Run which, according to some analysts, could exceed the 1.5 billion downloads, which would be unusual for a paying game.


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